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Golden and Official are the cartridges chosen by champion shooters at international level because they combine both smooth recoil and high performance: ideal for longer duration competitions. The Golden range is loaded with the very best components (616 gold primer, 5% antimony selected lead shot, treated with a golden anti friction coating) and is characterized by an incredibly short barrel time – the time between the percussion of the cartridge and the lead shot exiting the barrel – which is one of the shortest on the market. The Official range is characterized not only by the consistency of performance; using a type 4 case, Finnish Kemira smokeless powder complimented by our 616 Silver primer, a special wad and selected lead shot with 5% antimony – but also the incredible energy retained at distance.
For Clay Target shooting, the winning characteristics of the new OFFICIAL ELECTROCIBLES are its components; type 4 case, and soft lead shot with 2% antimony which guarantee a velocity in excess of 400m/s: 28g and 32g in shot size 7,5 and 8.

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